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Most Rev S. A Aruliah


Most Rev. Dr. S. A. Aruliah, was the first bishop of the Cuddapah (Kadapa) Diocese. He was a very loving, kind, and compassionate father who toiled day and night for the spread of God’s kingdom. He had tremendous faith in the providence of God, even when everything seemed impossible. He was a man of prayer and had a special devotion to the Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. He loved and cared for his flock. He was a great missionary on fire with the love of God.

To uplift the poor and the neglected was always his concern. He worked hard for their well-being. He realized that development was possible only through education. He opened many schools and boarding homes for the education of the poor. He enjoyed the company of the children and had many enriching and challenging stories for them. He shared the simple homes and meals of the people on his pastoral visits.  He was a friend of all who met him. 


Rev. Fr. Dr. Antony Raj

We, the Benedictine Sisters of Christu Jyothi consider it a privilege to have Rev. Fr. Antony Raj, as the Director of our Congregation. His zealous and enthusiastic motto “Do or Die” brought about remarkable changes in the congregation. He is ever ready to walk an extra mile to reach out to anyone in need. Endowed with wisdom and action he is a true leader who can accomplish any task as an effective coordinator. 

His vast experience as the Principal of St. Joseph Junior College, Kadapa for over 25 years and his efficiency as a good administrator has gone a long way in bringing about some radical changes in the congregation. He is appreciated by the young and old for his humanness and his genuine interest in the well-being of everyone.

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