We are a diocesan congregation founded by the late Bishop, Most Rev. S. A. Aruliah (and Rev. Msgr. Chitta Thomas, then Vicar General) in the Diocese of Cuddapah (Kadapa), Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our charism is to radiate the light of Christ through our ministry as we stand by the voiceless, the weak, the marginalized and those considered “unwanted” in the society to restore their human dignity. Our apostolate consists of evangelization, formal and non-formal education, women empowerment, care of orphans, child laborers, school dropouts, the sick and elderly, and the hearing and speech impaired. We are involved in pastoral and prison ministry too. We take up any apostolate as the Lord guides us according to the signs of the time and needs of the people. The flame lit by our founder, a man of God continues to glow and shine with great intensity.

The spirit of the Society of Christu Jyothi Sisters (Sisters of Christ the Light) is a sharing in the spirit of Jesus Christ who was intimately united with the Father. Through our intimate union with Him in prayer, life in community and apostolic services we participate in the light and life-giving mission of Christ.

Life Together

Community prayer, sharing of meals, recreation and celebrations are important means to shape our communities. Christ has brought us together as a loving, caring and sharing family to radiate His light.

In prayer we encounter God. Prayer is the foundation of our lives. Prayer nourishes, unifies and challenges every aspect of our lives. God is our treasure and prayer is the means for closer relationship with God and others.

Answering the call of Christ.

Jesus is inviting you and me to become a glowing lamp. Come, walk in the footsteps of Jesus, the Light of the world. Be a beacon of light and hope to the distressed and marginalized. Become a Christu Jyothi Sister and make a difference in the world. 

(Christu Jyothi Sisters)