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Every child deserves to survive and strive.  Every child deserves a future.  Yet many are left behind.  When generous people like you make your gift, children's lives are saved.


(We do everything in our power to use your money in the most efficient way possible.  With us, your money goes a long, long way!)
$1000 - Will provide a student for higher education per year.

$800 - Will provide tuition and lodging for a speech and hearing impaired student per year.

$600 - Will provide a special meal to 120 children twice a month.

$400 - Will provide a student with a computer/Sewing Machine/Carpentry Kit.

$200 - Will provide a hearing-impaired child with a hearing aid.

$100 - Will provide a student with books and clothes.


Please send donations to (Checks made payable to "Sisters of Christ The Light")

Sisters of Christ The Light

401 N. Washington Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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